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Since 1978, our Atlanta carpet cleaning service, named New Life Dry Carpet Care, has been providing valuable, friendly service for Atlanta and the surrounding metro area. That's a long time! 

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When you invite us in your home, you are getting all of the benefits of Dry Carpet Cleaning with the care and quality that has taken over 33 years to perfect.  This is Atlanta Carpet Cleaning with an edge!

Over-wetting Your Carpets With Steam?

When shopping for an Atlanta carpet cleaning company, I'm sure you've seen a lot of steam cleaning systems. Steam cleaning companies boast of providing a "deep" clean. What they don't tell you is many times the "deep" cleaning goes a little too far, like in the carpet padding. Mold and mildew will occur if the pad gets wet. You might save a few dollars on the "whole house special" but in the long run, using a steam cleaner could generate some unexpected expenses and health concerns. Allergy sufferers know quite well that mold and mildew is a brutal trigger.

So, we urge you to take caution when choosing an Atlanta carpet cleaning company, because some can do more harm to your carpets than good, not to mention all of the soapy residue that takes 8-72 hours to dry will definitely cause your carpet to attract dirt 50 times faster than it did before it was saturated. That's not a bargain, it's a rip-off!

Benefits New Life Dry Carpet Care Offers

Why take a chance? We'll make sure your carpets are clean, beautiful, and best of all...Dry in less than 2 hours! We guarantee that no moisture will ever enter your padding as a result of our cleaning process. What you get is squeaky clean, germ-free carpet.

Our original dry Atlanta carpet cleaning process leaves your carpets looking great and feeling soft again. Our cleaning solution even removes all of the soaps left behind from previous cleaners and spot cleaners that have been attracting dirt. Your carpets will be clean, beautiful, and dry in 1-2 hours! Your expectations will be exceeded. 
See the Dry Carpet Cleaning page and find out why our Atlanta carpet cleaning system IS superior.

We'll Get The Soap Out

If you've ever spot cleaned your carpet or had it professionally cleaned before, there's soap left behind that attracts dirt. Many times the carpet can actually look worse just hours after you've paid to have it cleaned. That's usually because of sticky residue from the detergents used to clean your carpet. We won't do that to you! Our non-toxic process removes soap from your carpet, so it stays clean much longer! There's no sticky residue to attract dirt. You get what you want...clean carpet.

Which Dry Carpet Cleaning Systems Work?

With so many choices out there for Atlanta carpet cleaning, how do you know which one is the right one for you? That's a great question and after more than three decades in the business, believe me, I've seen many methods come and go. The best dry carpet cleaning systems out there are the ones that will take between 1-2 hours to dry. This is a good indication that some water is being used and is cleaning your carpet deep down. Beware of the carpet dry cleaning systems that require no drying time. Dust, powders, foams, and solvents are normally what's being used in these situations and they are a surface clean only. They really don't do a good job.

We are a part of Atlanta's original carpet dry cleaning team that brought carpet dry cleaning to this area. We set a very high standard in the industry back in 1978. This is a dry carpet cleaning system that works extremely well and no one else has the years of experience behind them. You decide...wouldn't you rather have someone with 33 years plus service cleaning your carpets? Check out our About Us page.

What Makes Spots Reappear?

You've tried spot cleaning and professional cleaning and some spots just keep coming back. Why, and what can you do?

Some spots will not come out. For instance, anything with dye or food coloring or anything that bleaches out the color is usually a permanent stain. But sometimes a spot disappears for a short time and comes back. This is because of the detergents and soaps used to remove the spot, leaves it's own residue that attracts dirt even faster. There are solutions that will neutralize soapy residue.

We can't guarantee that we can get out all the spots, because some physically won't come out like the ones I mentioned earlier, but our system provides excellent results with removing spots that other cleaners cannot remove. Even the ones that keep coming back! That's because our green carpet cleaning solution does not attract dirt. It leaves your carpets squeaky clean.

Things to Consider

When choosing an Atlanta carpet cleaning service, it's good to be aware of a few things first. The all important question, "how long will it take to dry?" is a great start. Did you know that mold spores can grow if it takes a carpet longer than 4 hours to dry? The longer it takes a carpet to dry, the more residue is left behind to attract dirt.

While steam cleaning could use up to 300 gallons of your water, taking somewhere between 4 hours and 4 days to dry, our unique dry cleaning system cleans deep, uses between 1-8 gallons of water, and should be dry within 1-2 hours...sometimes even less than that!

For more info on the differences between over-wetting and our dry carpet cleaning process visit all carpet cleaners are not the same.

We'll let you know what to expect before we begin. Some spots just physically won't come out. We feel it's better to let you know about those kind of things before we do the job, rather than to promise you that they will come out, simply to get the job done. We want you to call us back and refer your friends and neighbors, so with New Life Dry Atlanta Carpet Cleaning you're treated honestly and fairly.

No Games. No gimmicks.

Some Atlanta carpet cleaning companies' mission is to "upsell" the customer. They are trained to at least double the sales order and even hold contests to see who has the highest sales rating for the month. They needlessly sell you things like stain guards, germicides, extra cleaners, etc. just to improve their numbers and in some situations, keep their job.

There are many companies who would rather take all the money they can get in the first visit and care less whether they get a returned phone call or not. As a result, some Atlanta carpet cleaning companies routinely work in "re-dos" as a part of their daily activity. Yes, they get a call back, but because of sales first and quality last, their call back is usually to fix something. I've just never understood the logic there.

We'll help you figure out what you need and try to find the best deal for you. Most of the customers that mention Stain guard or Scotchguard, are really pleased when we discuss the real purpose of Scotchguard and when it is truly recommended. In most cases, cleaning more frequently has more advantages over using a stain guard. This can save you well over a hundred dollars per trip and keeps your carpets fresh looking many years down the road.

A Deep Clean?

If you've shopped around much for Atlanta carpet cleaning, you've probably heard this, "most dry cleaning systems don't clean deep down." I agree. The evolution of dry carpet cleaning has introduced many inferior products, systems, and techniques. So much so, that dry cleaning is no longer widely recommended by carpet manufacturers as it was in the 80's. Back then, dry cleaning your carpet was the only process recommended. Today, steam cleaning is just as bad for your carpet as it was 25 years ago. Go figure.

Even steam cleaning companies that offers a dry cleaning option, uses inferior dry cleaning products which gives more credibility to their steam service. The main reason for this is they can clean 3-6 times faster using steam, and broadening their bottom line, more profit. But dry cleaning is really better, if it's done properly.

I started dry cleaning carpet in 1978 with a company called Carpet Genie. We were the first dry carpet cleaning service in Atlanta. Beginning in 1983, I founded New Life Dry Atlanta Carpet Cleaning. I still use the same techniques I learned back in 1978.

We have preserved and perfected the traditional and original carpet dry cleaning system and it cleans like nothing else! And yes, it's a "deep clean". You don't want to deep clean beyond the backing of the carpet into the pad, do you? Beware of steam!

Other Services

Do you have specific needs such as upholstery cleaning? It's all done by hand using our unique dry cleaning system. How about oriental and area rug cleaning? We can save you a fortune on these types of rugs. Don't over-pay for pick-up and delivery! We do it all professionally and safely, in your home.

Do you have indoor odors that just won't go away? We can help. See the Carpet Cleaning Services section.

Great service can get costly. We understand that. That's why we've created the internet Carpet Cleaning Coupons and even special maintenance discounts for timely returns. All with you in mind. Everything we do is Customer First. So, for friendly Atlanta carpet cleaning that over-delivers on's New Life Dry Carpet Cleaning.

Get Involved. Have Fun!

Feel free to browse around as we have made this site for you. OurCarpet Cleaning Tips page is an interactive part of this site that allows you to ask us anything related to carpet cleaning. Join us in the Carpet Cleaner Reviews to add your story, good or bad about your previous experiences with carpet cleaners. Or, please add your testimony about New Life.

Choosing a carpet cleaner should not be a gamble. There are some methods out there that, in the hands of the wrong person, can do more harm than good. Why not get the care, quality, and respect you deserve? With New Life Dry Atlanta Carpet Cleaning, what we do is our passion and we love our customers. Go to New Life Dry Atlanta Carpet Cleaning Carpet Cleaning Locations to find out if you're in our service area. We look forward to meeting you!

Many carpet cleaning companies will charge huge fees to deodorize your carpet.
One company we checked charges $24.95 per room to deodorize.
At New Life Dry Carpet Care, sanitizing and deodorizing are included free of charge.
We believe if you're going to clean you might as well sanitize to eliminate the germs that causes odors.
To charge for that is just plain greedy.